That time when a reassuringly heartfelt press ad sold blended scotch whisky.

To Dad

Because I’ve known you all my life.

Because a red Rudge bicycle once made me the happiest boy on the street.

Because you let me play cricket on the lawn.

Because you used to dance in the kitchen with a tea-towel round your waist.

Because your cheque book was always busy on my behalf.

Because our house was always full of books and laughter.

Because of countless Saturday mornings you gave up to watch a small boy play rugby.

Because you never expected too much of me or let me get away with too little.

Because of all the nights you sat working at your desk while I lay sleeping in my bed.

Because you never embarrassed me by talking about the birds and the bees.

Because I know there’s a faded newspaper clipping in your wallet about my scholarship.

Because you always made me polish the heels of my shoes as brightly as the toes.

Because you’ve remembered my birthday 38 times out of 38.

Because you still hug me when we meet.

Because you still buy my mother flowers.

Because you’ve more than your fair share of grey hairs and I know who helped put them there.

Because you’re a marvellous grandfather.

Because you made my wife feel one of the family.

Because you wanted to go to McDonald’s the last time I bought you lunch.

Because you’ve always been there when I’ve needed you.

Because you let me make my own mistakes and never once said “I told you so.”

Because you still pretend you only need glasses for reading.

Because I don’t say thank you as often as I should.

Because it’s Father’s Day.

Because if you don’t deserve Chivas Regal, who does?

Chivas Regal Father’s Day press ad from 1980. A ravishing piece of copy written by David Abbott.

Emotion will always spark a connection

A son writes to his father. From the heart. And you’re hooked. Even if today you’re too busy to go beyond the headline, you’re still reading the letter. It brings back childhood memories. The happiness of that small moments. The things that matter.

And by the time you’ve finished reading you’ll want to have a glass of blended scotch whisky with your dad. Just because it’s Tuesday. Or Thursday. Because you still can.

It’s not an ode to the company, the unparalleled vision, or the product. It’s a story about the relationship between a son and his father. It’s human. The words are simple, familiar. And it was inspired by real life. A love letter David Abbott wrote to his father.

Because if something speaks to you, chances are, it’ll leave a mark on someone else, too. Use your life to animate the copy was one of David Abbott’s beliefs.

Why should you care?

Because people make emotional buying decisions.

Because the customer is more than a number on your data sheet.

Because your customer is a human being.

Because we humans care about our own story first.

Because we humans want something to connect with.