The path to purchase doesn’t end with a booking. It continues after departure and return.

Travelers behaviors, preferences, expectations and values are changing. How they research information, where they want to stay, what places they want to discover, what destination activities to choose, the experiences they want to have has roots in the digital ecosystem. The entire traveler journey is an invite for innovation.

In planning and booking their trip, travelers visit multiple websites, conduct competing searches, and move between devices. Even after booking, they continue to search to make sure they got the best deal, to look for upgrades or activities at the destination.

Technology alone doesn’t cut it. The first step is to understand the new generation of travelers to design relevant and meaningful experiences that add value. The next step is to bring the experiences to life through technology.

Challenges I tackle through pragmatic approach and over 10 years of travel expertise

  • How can I redefine the business strategy to generate growth?
  • How can I use marketing tactics to make an impact?
  • What's the status of my digital infrastructure?
  • What are the moments that matter? How can I personalize them?
  • How can I stay relevant and differentiate from competition?
  • How can I keep my employees engaged?
  • How can I drive cost savings, process improvement and faster service?

Did you know that...

of travelers would choose travel add-ons to personalize their experience

of travelers want personalized offers and services that are relevant to their interests and lifestyle

of travelers want their travel history to be considered in personalized offers and recommendations

of travelers want their travel history reflected in communication