How do you grab the attention of an audience that doesn’t want to be sold to?In an age of information overload how do you differentiate your brand?

Customers want to focus on what matters, so make your brand fit into their idea of what’s essential. Bridge the gap between what you believe your customers want and what they “actually” desire. Ask yourself what value does your products or services bring to your customers lives? Why does your brand story exist and how do you want to be perceived as a brand?

Put your customer first. Be useful and don’t try to “cheat” Google by writing only for the algorithm focusing mainly on keywords. Begin with researching keywords to know what your customers are interested in, but emphasize more on topics and prioritize the content based on the main business objectives.

You need to convince consumers that there is value in entering a relationship with your brand. Identify & focus on the channels that bring you the most impact and resonate better with your customer. Choose quality over quantity. Instead of having 15 videos with random content just to keep your social channels active you might want to invest the budget in creating 2 or 3 amazing videos that provide essential content more likely to go viral or perhaps develop an instructional series to teach your customers something and identifying your brand as a possible industry thought leader.

One thing is certain: authentic, useful content created to support and add value to the evolving customer behavior will make the difference when considering choosing a brand in favor of another.

We can help with

  • Content strategy
  • Content creation (written, video, audio & social)
  • Content analytics

How Zig Zags approach works


audit and gather insight on your platforms, content, brand, data and customer experience

Define & Prioritize

translate insights into viable solutions. We partner with you to explore, select and prioritize what is feasible for your business.


develop creative concepts that connect

Evaluate & scale

analyze and evaluate with one main goal in mind: maximizing your business potential