Is your customer experience linked to your business strategy?Where should you invest to create the best possible customer experience?

The customer today is connected, informed, empowered and in control. The customer expects to obtain the information, product or service he/ she wants, now, in the moment that matters, in the way he/ she communicates & engages.

Customer experience equals relevance and a shared value proposition. It’s more than touchpoints mapped into journeys. Customer experience sums up the series of engagements over time that define the overall relationship with the brand.

In order to prioritize the experiences that will drive value in the relationship with the customer, you need to go beyond the obvious and adopt a “why” mindset. Start by understanding the individuals and know for example not just when someone wants to be engaged, but also when he/ she wants to be left alone. Continue with the development of a framework of experience principles feasible from a time & resources perspective. And last, but not least, align your organization to create the seamless experience that your customers want.

We can help with

  • Integrated marketing strategy
  • Customer experience strategy
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Social activations
  • Interactive experiences
  • Loyalty programs design

How Zig Zags approach works


audit and gather insight on your platforms, content, brand, data and customer experience

Define & Prioritize

translate insights into viable solutions. We partner with you to explore, select and prioritize what is feasible for your business.


develop creative concepts that connect

Evaluate & scale

analyze and evaluate with one main goal in mind: maximizing your business potential