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Zig Zags is a consultancy that partners with you to help solve challenges that matter through digital channels, experiences and marketing strategies that connect.

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Why Us

What differentiate us is the human layer that we add to the equation, bridging the gap between data, strategy and execution. Data alone doesn’t give you the whole picture. Having data keeps you informed.
Translating the insights into tangible ideas will bring added value to any business.



Empathy is on the table. We tune into your perspective and go beyond deadlines. We see you as the person who trusted us to solve a business challenge.


We love what we do. We are all in and share our time and enthusiasm openly.


Change is the only constant. We understand the importance of “why”, we explore the present so we can design the possible.


When we want to say something we say it, when we feel like a change is due we do it. We are honest and treat you, our client, as our friend.